May 27, 2022
Safari Browser to Reject HTTPS Certificates Over 13 Months Old

Apple’s Safari Browser will soon Reject any HTTPS Website Certificate Valid for Over 13 Months

The proprietary Apple Safari browser will no longer support websites with HTTPS certificates that are more than thirteen months old…

Last week, at the 49th CA/Browser Forum, the Apple corporation revealed it will stop allowing Safari to handle HTTPS certificates that have more than 13 months worth of validity, starting later this year.

Safari Browser to Reject HTTPS Certificates Over 13 Months Old

Apple announced it won’t support security certificates that have been active for more than 398 days. Currently, HTTPS certificates are based on the most recent TLS or Transport Layer Security encryption standards. This ensures consumer that their connections to websites are safe and secure.

This is somewhat an unusual move, given that sites like GitHub and Microsoft have certificates with two-year validity. However, these two examples would run afoul of Apple’s new rule. Meaning people attempting to visit either through Safari.

Although, it does help to protect consumers given that it practically guarantees any sites visited on Safari are up-to-date with the latest security standards and privacy protocols.

Michal Špaček, a security developer, explains on his blog:

“Capping certificate lifetimes is generally a good idea for several reasons: the main one probably being that some browsers omit the online certificate status checks.”

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