September 10, 2021
Samsung app store PWAs

Samsung Now Favors Progressive Web Apps over Native Mobile Apps for its App Store

Samsung makes it a lot more easy to submit PWAs or progressive web apps to its Galaxy Store, signaling a possible trend change in the future…

Progressive web apps or PWAs are a relatively new alternative to traditional native mobile applications. PWAs are incrementally becoming more popular among developers but still largely trail legacy mobile apps. Now, some developers are discovering the Samsung Galaxy App Store prefers PWAs over traditional mobile apps.

Samsung App Store Favoring Progressive Web App Submissions

Spotted by Android Police, the Samsung Galaxy App store only requires a URL submission over a very time-consuming APK build.

For those unfamiliar, PWAs or progressive web apps look and function just like regular mobile apps. But, don’t require download (just an icon shortcut), support notifications, work offline, and also don’t take up very much space on mobile devices.

Samsung wrote in a blog post, “To further integrate PWAs into the Samsung experience we have started adding PWAs to the Samsung Galaxy Store, placing Web App experiences alongside apps.”

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