May 20, 2022
Samsung Confirms More of its Future Smartphones will Not include Chargers or Earphones

This Popular Smartphone Manufacturer has Confirmed it will Ship Future Devices without Chargers or Earphones

Samsung has officially confirmed that it will not ship some of its upcoming flagship smartphones with chargers or earphones…

After Apple made the decision to stop including chargers and other accessories with its iPhones, rivals are beginning to follow. Now, another major smartphone manufacturer will do the same and will no longer ship its highest-end devices with accessories. South Korean tech company Samsung states that its newest flagships,the Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra won’t come equipped with chargers or earphones.

Samsung Confirms More of its Future Smartphones will Not include Chargers or Earphones

It’s part of a growing trend that manufacturer’s insist is intended to reduce waste. However, a large majority of the public don’t believe the motivations are entirely environmental conscientious. Instead, it’s merely a new way to generate more revenue through increased accessories purchases. After all, the margins on smartphones are quite small and this could help to make manufacturing and selling them more lucrative. Samsung explains in a statement:

“We believe that the gradual removal of charger plugs and earphones from our in-box device packaging can help address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones.”

Although, the company will launch at least two new fast wireless chargers in the coming weeks. Plus, the South Korean company is bringing back the S Pen to its S series, something fans surely appreciate.

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