September 20, 2022
Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Note Line in 2021

Samsung might Ditch its Galaxy Note Series Next Year, New Report Says

Samsung is about to drop its Galaxy Note line, but is keeping the S-Pen stylus, as consumer trends continue to favor larger smartphone sizes…

Samsung’s Galaxy Note series could be a thing of the past in the not-too-distant future. If so, the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will be the last of its kind, according to a recent news report by Reuters. Once a premium choice, such devices are no longer in favor with the public and size probably has quite a bit to do with the decision. Although there’s no official word, the move would make sense for the company.

Samsung Discontinuing Galaxy Note Line in 2021, Report Claims

First released on October 29th, 2011, when the handheld debuted, it was considered ridiculous due to its large size. It helped to mainstream the term “phablet” and even sported a stylus. But, with the onset of the global pandemic and resulting economic shock, high-end phones are no longer in high demand. However, Samsung is still poised to move ahead with its foldables, though the manufacturer hasn’t confirmed its ostensible plans. 

There’s no doubt phones have gotten larger. But, there appears to be a limit. (It’s why both Google and Apple offer plus-size versions of their products.) This, not to mention that the Galaxy S20+ isn’t really much different from the Note 20.

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