October 27, 2021
Samsung ends blu ray production

Samsung Quietly Halts Production of Blu-ray Players as Consumers Shift Increasingly toward Streaming

Samsung ends Blu-ray production with little notice, as physical disc playing systems are slowly dying out in favor of new technology…

Legacy media is slowly dying out. Spinning discs comprise less and less of consumer media consumption.

Now, Samsung is subtly signaling its embrace of the incremental sea change, telling Forbes it will no longer produce new 4K and Ultra HD Blu-ray players. A company spokesperson tells CNET:

“Samsung will no longer introduce new Blu-ray or 4K Blu-ray player models in the US market.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean the company will stop manufacturing all its disc devices but it does send a clear message.

Samsung Ends Blu Ray Player Production as Streaming Gains more Popularity

For years now, media consumers have increasingly shifted their viewing habits to streaming. And, the trend is certainly no secret. The Nielsen Q2 2018 report, reads, in-part:

“Some devices, such as DVD/Blu-ray players, are in the declining phase of their product life cycle as streaming devices gain prominence.”

Currently, just 66 percent of television-watching household still own these players. This, compared to 72 percent the prior year. More telling is Nielsen says the average U.S. adult only spends 5 minutes per day, watching a spinning disc player. That’s a tiny fraction of all screen activity.

Credit: Nielsen

Media consumers continue to embrace streaming services such as Netflix. Other popular providers include Hulu and Amazon. Plus, Apple and Google have both reduced prices for 4K titles.

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