November 12, 2022
Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint unlock bug

Samsung to Fix a Bug that Lets Anyone Unlock the Galaxy S10 with Any Fingerprint

Samsung states it is working to push out a fix for an issue with the Galaxy S10, which lets any fingerprint unlock the devices…

Fingerprint locks on smartphones are becoming more and more prevalent. These security measures are supposed to ensure only the owners can access their devices, keeping everyone else out.

But, it’s not exactly totally foolproof. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S10 suffers from a bug that let’s anyone unlock the phones with any fingerprint.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Fingerprint Unlock Bug Fix coming Soon

Recently, a device owner realized that by installing a third-party screen cover over the phone allows non-registered users to unlock them.

Right now, it’s unknown what’s at the root of the problem. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor for fingerprint detection and matching. However, applying a silicon or a plastic screen can distort it enough to let anyone unlock it.

In response to the issue, Samsung says it is working on a fix. The company recommends device owners to use its proprietary Samsung authorized accessories.

“Samsung Electronics is aware of the case of the S10’s malfunctioning fingerprint recognition and will soon issue a software patch,” the company told Reuters in a statement. 

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