January 17, 2022
Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Displaying more In-App Ads

Samsung is Bombarding Galaxy Phone Owners with Ads in at Least Six Apps

Samsung Galaxy phones continue to display more advertisements, showing up in half a dozen places and there’s no sign of stopping…

Just last month, it was learned that Samsung would likely start to display ads on its One UI. However, the company did not confirm its plans. But, if another one of its most popular mobile products is any indication, adverts will be a part of owning the South Korean manufacturer’s devices.

Samsung Galaxy Smartphones Displaying more In-App Ads

Thanks to the folks over atΒ Android Police, we now have a pretty good idea just how widespread the practice is within the Samsung ecosystem. It’s particularly apparent on its Galaxy line. And, its retail price point doesn’t seem to have anything to do with escaping them, either.

Currently, ads are popping up on the Samsung phone app, the Galaxy Store, Samsung health app, Samsung Pay, Samsung Weather, inside of Bixby, and Samsung Music. That’s six different places where the company inserts ads but probably isn’t by any means an exhaustive list.

What’s most frustrating to those devices’ owners is the fact there is no real way to disable the ads. (It’s only possible to turn off Samsung Push Services, but that won’t disable all ads, only a select few.)

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