October 1, 2022
Samsung Internet beta version 9.2

Samsung is Rolling Out its Latest Internet Beta Build, which Brings OneUI Design, Smart Anti-Tracking, and More

Samsung Internet beta version 9.2, the latest release coming for mobile browsing, starting on Android Pie, brings interesting new tools…

Although Samsung stopped making new spinning disc players, it’s continuing improvements to its mobile products.

The latest iteration, Samsung Internet beta version 9.2, is now making its way out to phones running Pie. Some changes are eye-catching, while others subtle. 

Samsung Internet Beta Version 9.2 Now includes OneUI Design, Smart Anti-Tracking, and More Features

Perhaps the most notable is a visual change. A few tweaks appear in the interface, including increased element rounding. The beta release also contains a dark mode. (However, it could prove buggy in this early version.)

Samsung Internet beta v9.2 also adds Smart Anti-Tracking, for improved user privacy. It employs machine learning to identify third-party domains which track users as they browse about the web. It does so by blocking cookies, available by going to: Settings > Privacy and Security > Smart Anti-Tracking.

The Samsung Internet browser comes pre-installed on Galaxy devices, running over the open-source Chromium project.

As with any beta build, there’s no guarantee all of these features will make it over to wide, stable release. The most recent version is now available through the Google Play Store for download.

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