August 8, 2020
Samsung might sell phones without chargers in 2021

After Rumors Swirl about Apple Selling iPhones without Chargers, Samsung might Follow Soon

Recently, sources started to inform the public that Apple will stop shipping iPhones with chargers and now, Samsung might do the same, starting in 2021…

Near the end of last month, gossip started spreading about Apple’s eventual plans to sell iPhones without chargers. That got a lot of attention in the tech space. And, opinions varied widely from ho-hum to outrage. Now, there are similar rumors that Samsung could copy the tentative practice as soon as next year.

Samsung might Sell Phones without Chargers in 2021

According to a recent report by¬†ETNews, the South Korean manufacturer is considering the possibility of shipping its phones without chargers. To-date, the company isn’t confirming the assertion but it’s also not outwardly denying it, either. Of course, this is probably due to controlling end-consumer cost, but there are other factors at play.

There are four principle reasons behind such a move — if it happens — regardless if it’s Apple, Samsung, or another high-end phone manufacturer. The first is obviously to reduce cost that’s passed onto consumers. Second, in would increase margins because the device price points would remain the same. Third, a transition to a non-port future. And fourth, to help reduce electronic waste.

Then, there’s the fact that many consumers already have multiple chargers to reuse. Regardless, if the plans to out to materialize, phone makers would still sell high-priced models but give consumers less in return.

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