December 8, 2021
Samsung One UI ads

Samsung just Might Start Displaying Ads within its One UI but the Company won’t Confirm its Plans

Samsung could be gearing up to show ads in its One user interface, a recent screenshot reveals, but the company isn’t confirming the possible move…

Perhaps one of the most annoying things about modern corporations is their insistence on placing ads everywhere. It’s something Netflix has repeatedly said it won’t do. But, plenty of other companies make it a routine practice. Microsoft is notorious for inserting ads in as many places as possible. Google likewise. Now, Samsung might do the same, if a recent screen capture comes to fruition.

Samsung One UI Ads Experiment Spotted

It appears Samsung is in the process of testing ads for its One UI, according to a tip given to Tizen Help. A reader shared a screenshot of an ad appearing on a leaked version of the One UI 2.5, the next iteration of the software. The ad runs for 15 seconds on the lock screen. Apparently, ads are also showing up in Samsung-branded apps, as well.

It’s important to note that rivals Xiaomi and Realme already engage in this practice. However, these are entry-level and budget devices. So, they cost substantially less than Samsung’s hardware, which sells at a premium price. The company hasn’t confirmed its plans. But, if it goes forward, it could damage the brand name.

Credit: Tizen Help

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