August 2, 2021
Samsung Pay Dark Mode Spotted by Some Users before Wide Rollout

Samsung Pay Certainly Looks Like its About to Get a Dark Theme as Some Users Start to See It

Samsung Pay is apparently getting its own dark theme, as users have reported seeing it in the wild, in-action, on their devices…

Contactless payment apps are increasingly gaining popularity. These can help save consumers a bit of time in check out lanes inside retail stores. Some of them even record purchases, allowing users to quickly find and pick-up their favorites. Or, to remember that one obscure item they need again.

Dark themes are also very popular with the public, and more and more developers are including the option in their mobile applications. Now, it seems Samsung is joining, by applying a dark mode to Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay Dark Mode Spotted by Users before Wide Roll Out

The new Samsung Pay dark theme isn’t widely available just yet, but more and more people are beginning to see it. It might be part of a recent update, according to various reports on Reddit, which claim it’s showing up with versions 3.9.88 and 3.9.97.

It’s not exactly the AMOLED black that some people prefer but it comes close to it. In fact, it’s apparently quite similar to the dark mode on the OneUI 2.0 platform. However, not everyone is seeing it at this time. 

Samsung Pay Dark Mode Spotted by Users before Wide Roll out
Credit: Android Police

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