January 27, 2021
Samsung Bixby Note10 ads

Samsung Spams Galaxy Phone Owners with Note10 Ads through Bixby

Samsung is using its tech savvy to spam Galaxy phone owners with multiple Note10 ads inside the Bixby digital assistant…

The Galaxy Note10 reveal just happened last week. With it came heavy promotion on social media, television, radio, and even on Galaxy phone owners’ devices.

Samsung Spams Galaxy Phone Owners with Note10 Ads

Samsung is getting out the message of its newest mobile device by way of Bixby, Samsung Pay, as well as the Samsung Push Service. It’s aggressively marketing the phone essentially through its own ecosystem, with no way to escape, according to Android Police.

Users have taken to social media to post screenshots of the ads, which apparently can’t be dismissed.

Although, there is a workaround. Simply open Bixby, tap on the menu button located in the upper-right, select Settings, and turn “Marketing notifications” off. 

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