December 9, 2021
Save to Google Chrome extension

Google to Kill Off “Save to Google” Chrome Extension August 15th

The relatively obscure Save to Google Chrome extension will no longer function as of August 15th, sending a mixed signal about the future of the function…

Google has long given its users the ability to save things for later. It works for images and links and first appeared in Image search and then, on Android. But, Google also maintained a Chrome extension for the functionality. Now, the search giant will kill off said extension next month.

Save to Google Chrome Extension Support Ending August 15th

The “Save to Google” Chrome extension first debuted in April 2016. It solved the problem of being only able to save images. Prior to that, Google introduced “Save” in November 2015 for Image Search. It allowed people to save images to what it called “Collections,” which was akin to Pinterest.

Later, in 2017, the feature gained more prominence when Google added a quick shortcut to mobile search and the Google app. The functionality worked for both images and links. 

Confused yet? If not, read on because it will begin to make sense.

Thus far, we’ve hit on three versions of the same feature. One, a save tool for Image Search. Two, a save feature in the form of a Chrome extension for images and links. And, three, a function built into mobile search and the Google app. The Chrome extension is what’s coming to an end as Google will fully depreciate it on August 15th.

What makes this curious is there is no alternative or substitution for the extension. However, it is known saved items will remain available at

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