October 1, 2022
Scammers are Exploiting Facebook Market Place with Fake Listings

Fraudsters are Targeting Victims with Fake Facebook Marketplace Listings

Facebook recently reached one billion active users and it’s being exploited by rip off artists who are defrauding people with fake listings…

Facebook Marketplace now claims one billion active users. With that much popularity comes prime opportunity. Unfortunately, the e-commerce section isn’t just for individuals who are looking for a deal. But also, for unscrupulous individuals who troll for victims to scam. And, that’s precisely what’s been happening, according to new research that’s uncovered a number of schemes.

Scammers are Exploiting Facebook Market Place with Fake Listings

Facebook Marketplace is being exploited by cybercriminals who managed to hack at least one account and post roughly 100 fake listings for mobile phones and cars. Unsurprisingly, these fraudulent posts can’t be discerned from legitimate listings because they appear on genuine accounts. Therefore, it makes it a lot easier  for schemers to fool people into paying good money for nothing in return.

Of course, Facebook has strict policies that prohibit fake listings and even for other types of posts. For instance, untrustworthy male enhancement supplements and other suspicious or sketchy products. However, the social giant can’t possibly police all listings so it’s very important that buyers always beware and use their good judgment to avoid being scammed.

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