June 23, 2022
Security Experts Warn Against Downloading Windows 11 from Unofficial Sources

Security Experts Warn Consumers Not to Download Windows 11 from Third-Party Sources or Risk Danger

Windows 11 is on the verge of its official release and cyber criminals are taking advantage of consumer enthusiasm to spring costly traps…

Windows 11 will likely be released in the fall by Microsoft. As with any big-name software, people eager to try it out will attempt to get a copy of it before its official debut. And, cyber criminals are counting on that very enthusiasm to trap unsuspecting victims from downloading bogus files rife with malware, ransomware, spyware, and/or other nefarious campaigns.

Security Experts Warn Against Downloading Windows 11 from Unofficial Sources

Security firm Kaspersky has issued a warning urging consumers not to download possible fakes. Among these is a suspicious file that’s already in circulation around the internet called 86307_windows 11 build 21996.1 x64 + activator.exe. At just 1.75GB in size, and with its presentation, it’s disguised cleverly enough to trick people into installing it, only to unleash malware and adware.

Since there are legitimate beta and test versions of Windows 11 on the web, it’s far easier to fool people into downloading bogus and harmful counterfeits. Kaspersky states consumers should only access any version of Windows 11 from official sources, either by Microsoft itself or any sanctioned partners. At this time, Windows 11 is restricted to only participants of theĀ Windows Insider Program and even then, it’s still necessary to activate theĀ Dev Channel to install the operating system.

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