October 7, 2022
Security Researchers Find New Silver Sparrow Malware on 30,000 Mac Computers

This New Malware Strain has Already Infected 30,000 Macs and is Waiting for Remote Commands

Silver Sparrow is a new form of computer malware that is targeting Macintosh machines, and has racked up 30,000 potential victims…

There’s a new type of malware out in the digital space and it is infecting macOS devices. In fact, the malicious code is present on approximately 30,000 Apple machines. What’s more, it’s not doing the kind of damage normally associated with hacking (at least, not yet). Instead, the malignant program is sitting idle, apparently waiting for one or more mischievous commands, which are unknown by security experts at this time.

Security Researchers Find New Silver Sparrow Malware on 30,000 Mac Computers

Discovered recently by cyber-safety professionals at Red Canary, Silver Sparrow is a downloader that uses JavaScript execution in a peculiar manner. It’s also strange because it’s capable of targeting Apple’s new M1 ARM architecture. More worrisome is the fact that it’s not activated. But, it’s known to be present in 153 different countries, including United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, and Germany.

Silver Sparrow is using Amazon Web Services and Akamai for its command infrastructure, which means it could be very difficult to take down once it goes live. Currently, every Mac infected with Silver Sparrow communicates with a control server every hour to see if there’s new commands to carry out. However, none have been issued.

Researchers also discovered the malware includes the capability to remove itself from a system, meaning it could be used to execute a command then promptly disappear. In order to check for the presence of the Silver Sparrow malware, Mac owners can visit this guide.


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