November 5, 2022
Google Play adware apps

At Least 9 Million Android Users Downloaded 85 Adware Apps from the Google Play Store

Google Play adware apps now total about 9 million installs over 85 mobile applications, security researchers find in a recent study…

Bad apps in the Google Play Store are now commonplace. Researchers at security firm Trend Micro have identified scores of apps containing adware. These include utilities and games, with full-screen advertisements, hidden ads, and even background ads.

Security Researchers Uncover 85 Android Google Play Adware Apps with 9 Million Downloads

Altogether, 85 apps were just discovered to contain adware, with at least 9 million downloads between them. One app, an Android based universal television remote control, claimed over 5 million installs. This, in spite of the fact it received tons of negative reviews and numerous complaints. In fact, some users reported, “so many ads, [they] can’t even use it.”

The suspect apps contained similar code, as well as similar names. Researchers also found with nearly every user action, ads would display. Of course, this strategy generates ad earnings for the developer(s).

Some of the bad apps include: A/C Air Conditioner Remote, Police Chase Extreme City 3D Game, Easy Universal TV Remote, Garage Door Remote Control, Prado Parking City 3D Game, and more.

Although adware isn’t as serious as malware, it does ruin user experience. What’s more, when scaled up, these type of apps can easily amount to thousands of dollars weekly. Some even hide away malware too, making them all the more dangerous.

Google states that it’s removed the apps. The search engine deleted over 700,000 malicious apps just in the past year. The full list of bad apps is available in this document.

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