January 18, 2022
ATT unlimited customers get Spotify Premium for free

Select AT&T Unlimited Customers receiving Spotify Premium for Free, Others might Get a Free 6-Month Trial

Some AT&T unlimited subscribers could get Spotify Premium for free, while others might enjoy a six-month trial, at no cost…

Telecom AT&T is about to offer some of its Unlimited & More Premium customers a free upgrade — Spotify Premium.

Select AT&T Unlimited Customers receiving Spotify Premium for Free

Now, AT&T customers with the Unlimited & More Premium plan can opt to use Spotify Premium for no cost. Meanwhile, other select subscribers can sign up for a six-month free trial of the music streaming service. After the trial, the cost is $9.99 per month.

Currently, Spotify has 100 million Premium customers and it continues to grow. Just in the past three months alone, it gained 8 million new subscribers.

Recently, it’s focused on podcasts and added support for CarPlay. With the new AT&T partnership, which boasts 77 million paying customers, Spotify could add even more subscribers.

This certainly isn’t the first time such a deal has been struck. Last summer, Verizon and Apple entered into a collaboration. At the time, customers with unlimited Verizon plans could access a free six-month trial of Apple Music. That deal proved successful and now, Verizon includes the option through its top tier unlimited plans.

The new AT&T-Spotify agreement could be beneficial for both companies and provide another benefit to consumers.

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