September 17, 2022
Shady Developers Seek to Monetize Wordle Clones

Wordle Rip Off Clones Reappear on the Apple App Store after being Removed

Wordle clones are again showing up on the Apple app store, in violation of the company’s policies, seeking monetary gain…

Wordle continues its viral popularity streak and its appeal is presenting a prime opportunity for unscrupulous developers. Just after Apple wiped a slew of bogus Wordle imposters off its app store, a number of them are reappearing on the platform, thereby violating the tech giant’s policies while also attempting to cash in through a few otherwise legitimate monetization methods.

Shady Developers Seek to Monetize Wordle Clones

Wordle first hit the internet last year in October of 2021. It debuted and remains a web-based game, meaning there are no official Android or iOS apps for it. But, since consumers are so accustomed to downloading and installing apps for just about everything, devious developers have been submitting look-alikes to both the Google Play Store and Apple’s online store.

Unlike the authentic web-based version, which has since been bought and hosted by the New York Times, these bogus apps contain monetization tools, such as advertisements, in-app purchases, and subscription tiers. Of course, practically all of them imitate the genuine game, sporting nearly the same UI and functionality. Apple will probably again take action and delete the imposters, but in the meantime, consumers are advised to avoid downloading them.

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