November 25, 2021
Shazam Adds Song Recognition to its Web Interface, Alongside a New iOS Design

Shazam on the Web Now Recognizes Songs, as Its iOS Mobile App Receives a New Design

Shazam’s website client can now recognize music tracks, as its iOS app gets a makeover that emphasizes discovering new artists and songs…

Sometimes, it’s a bit difficult to identify a tune that’s playing in the background. Google Pixel owners already enjoy song recognition. But, what about those inside a cafe, getting a bit of work done or just browsing Amazon while music entertains patrons? Well, Apple has equipped Shazam’s web interface with a new tool that identifies what’s being played, in the latest beta version.

Shazam Adds Song Recognition to its Web Interface, Alongside a New iOS Design

The new Shazam website song recognition feature currently works with Safari (of course), Firefox on macOS, as well as Chrome and Chrome OS — but not with Windows, yet. Meanwhile, Apple just rolled out a new design for its Shazam iOS app. With it comes a new focus on music discovery. The homescreen is also less cluttered, plus Shazam charts are now available through the Search function. Moreover, there are new notifications for missed and offline attempt to identify songs, too.

People who prefer Apple Music can also connect Shazam to sync more past Shazams. However, if a song is deleted from Apple Music, it won’t be re-added. Over on Spotify, Shazam will likewise find and sync more tracks that it recognizes.

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