June 19, 2021
Shazam Android dark theme

Shazam Gets a Dark Mode for Android and Devices don’t Even need to Run Android 10

A new Shazam Android dark theme is here and mobile devices don’t need to be running Android 10 in order for users to enable it…

Google finally included a dark mode with the roll out of Android 10. So, developers are starting to code for it. Some apps already sport dark themes and more are joining in on the option. Now, Shazam is one of the latest to get the function.

Shazam Android Dark Theme Debuts

Shazam has long been available on Android and it’s shown different looks through the years. Currently, the app has a blue interface on the main screen. But now, it transitions to grey and black in dark mode. 

The good news is that it’s accessible even for devices not running Android 10. So, Shazam users can turn on the dark theme just by going into the settings menu.

Shazam dark mode for Android
Credit: Android Police

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