June 23, 2022
Shazam Instagram Stories

It’s Now Possible to Add Shazam Songs to Instagram Stories

A new Shazam-Instagram Stories support and sharing option is now live for users to try out, as the Facebook owned platform expands its features…

Instagram continues to open up its service to more third-parties. The company has announced a new option which allows users to share Shazam songs in Instagram Stories. (For those unfamiliar, Shazam is a mobile app which identifies music, movies, advertising, and television shows, based on a short sample played and using the device microphone.)

Shazam-Instagram Stories Option Rolls Out

To see it in action, simply Shazam any song and then tap the share button. Instagram will appear as one of the options. (But, it requires using the latest version of both mobile apps.) When posted, others see the cover art of the relevant album with a message which reads “More on Shazam,” that links back to the song page on the Shazam app.

Instagram recently gave users the ability to split Stories into segments to upload longer videos. This comes a few months after Instagram first launched the option to add music to their Stories. Back in May, code inside the Instagram app pointed to the possibility of adding music stickers to Stories, as well.

Shazam says the option is already rolling out to iOS and it will arrive on Android soon.

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