January 25, 2022
Shopify sites now selling through Facebook Messenger

Shopify Sites Now Selling through Facebook Messenger

Shopify sites now allow merchants to connect their Facebook Business Page and sell their products directly through Facebook Messenger…

This week, Shopify announced its merchants are now able to sell products to consumers through Facebook Messenger. The e-commerce platform, having a long-standing relationship with Facebook, stood first in-line when the social media giant released plans to build chatbots into Messenger.

Shortly after the communication enhancement announcement, Shopify acquired Kit CRM, producers of virtual marketing technologies. The move gives Shopify an ability to develop different commerce tools, including commerce bots. 

Shopify Sites Directly Selling within Facebook Messenger

The two platforms combined could mean a boon for contextual commerce (technology allowing merchants to seamlessly integrate purchase opportunities inside everyday activities). If the pairing is successful, merchant chatbots can suggest products to consumers during a chat conversation. If a consumer shows interest in the recommendation, and clicks or taps a “Shop Now” button, it will route through to checkout form including a variety of payment options.

Presently, Shopify will not store consumers’ credit card or debit card information inside Facebook Messenger but native payments will debut in the future. Shopify merchants can integrate by adding the Messenger channel to their accounts and connect it to their Facebook Business Page. Merchants then choose products to sell through Messenger. The service is free and available to U.S., U.K., Canada, and Australian merchants. This puts new emphasis on contextual commerce and brings it closer to the forefront of marketing.

Just this week, Facebook Marketplace launched for local communities. In addition to the Craigslist competitor platform, the social media giant recently introduced new retailer measurement tools and ad options. These developments come as Facebook reveals local advertisers are increasing online marketing buys as legacy media shrinks.

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