January 12, 2022
Shopify Unveils New Consumer App, 'Shop,' which Highlights Local Businesses

Shopify Launches New ‘Shop’ Consumer App, which Helps People Buy from Local Businesses

Shopify has released a new consumer app, called “Shop,” that will help its users buy products and services from local businesses…

Although Shopify is known for helping online retailers sell their products, it’s now taking on a new role — assisting consumers in finding the right products offered by local businesses. The new mobile application, called “Shop,” is now available for download.

Shopify Unveils New Consumer App, ‘Shop,’ which Highlights Local Businesses

The new Shopify Shop mobile app will help its users find what they’re looking for by using location filters. (At least those that are partnered with Shopify.) Additionally, the app will offer recommendations from users’ favorite brands.)

It’s supposed to make the experience quick and easy. For instance, it features a one-click payment feature and consumers can track all of their online orders. This will help reduce “friction” a common term used in the web development world, which represents the number of steps to complete a transaction over the internet.

The new Shopify Shop app comes at a time when many local businesses are struggling due to the coronavirus outbreak and resulting quarantines. This makes it easier for locals to support their neighbors while enjoying the convenience of shopping online.

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