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Signal Groups Gain @Mentions and Admin Controls but the Roll Out isn’t Perfect

Signal adds mentions and admin controls to groups

Credit: Security Gladiators

Signal now boasts @mentions to groups and brings administrative controls to them as well, but the roll out is a bit rough in the going…

WhatsApp enjoys mass appeal for a number of reasons. But for the more privacy-concerned, Signal is one of the best alternatives. However, public perception of Signal is markedly changing as the app continues to add new features designed to bring it closer to its peers. The latest additions to Signal are to groups, which include admin controls and an option for direct mentions.

Signal Adds Mentions and Admin Controls to Groups

The new @mentions are precisely what users would expect. They come in real handy when someone wants to specifically address a particular person in a group. So, two people can communicate within a group on an individual basis, instead of all participants being in on the back-and-forth and adding their own comments. (Of course, being in a group, just about anyone can see such @mentions but it’s still a nice way of getting through the cross-talk.)

What’s more, Signal is introducing administrators for groups so they can manage user permissions and perform other functions, like changing group settings and/or removing members from groups. This should make the groups experience a bit more organized and less cumbersome. 

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