July 28, 2021
Signal Messaging App Beta Release Now contains Emoji Reactions

Signal just Added Emoji Reactions to its Mobile Messaging App in a Newly Released Beta Version

Signal has introduced a new option in its beta mobile app, emoji reactions, something that’s become a mainstay of social media and messaging…

Encrypted voice calling, video calling, and instant messaging app Signal is integrating more familiar social media and messaging features into its platform. Apparently, it’s an effort to get the app to go mainstream by including boilerplate options.

Signal Messaging App Beta Release Now contains Emoji Reactions

Signal has released its beta version that now includes emoji reactions — something that’s a staple in other messaging services and all over social media.

The company recently added support for a couple of other useful functions, such as link previews and ephemeral media messages. Now, it has the ability to let users express themselves in more ways.

However, said emoji reactions are quite limited, particularly those more plentiful in competitors, like Slack and Discord. Instead of a robust library, Signal’s new reaction emoji only total a handful. Although, it just might expand to include more as time goes on in the not-too-distant future.

The new Signal reaction emoji are now accessible through the testing program, found on the Google Play Store.

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