October 20, 2021
Simultaneous Theatrical-Streaming Movie Releases Announced

Hollywood Starts Releasing These Movies on Streaming Services Instead of Theater-Only Exclusives

Movie studios like Disney and DreamWorks are beginning to release films on streaming services, as well as in theaters at the same time…

Some movie studios are helping to keep people entertained as the spread of the coronavirus causes more to stay at home. Rather than just release their latest films in theaters alone, the production companies are also making them available on different streaming services.

Simultaneous Theatrical-Streaming Movie Releases Announced

DreamWorks Animation will debut Trolls World Tour on April 10th. Previously, The Invisible Man, along with Emma, became available on March 20th. Additionally, the upcoming Pixar movie, Onward, which hit theaters on March 6th, will stream on Disney+ on April 3rd. Another, The Hunt, is also over at Google Play, with others either already available or on-the-way.

Some titles are available for rent, others to buy, and still others come with streaming subscription services, like Disney Plus. NBCUniversal CEO Jeff Shell said of the announcement:

“Rather than delaying these films or releasing them into a challenged distribution landscape, we wanted to provide an option for people to view these titles in the home. We hope and believe that people will still go to the movies in theaters where available, but we understand that for people in different areas of the world that is increasingly becoming less possible.”

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