September 20, 2022
Sinemia account termination

Sinemia is Shutting Down Users Accounts for Reasons Unknown

Sinemia account termination is happening to users for what the services deems “fraudulent activity,” but the real reason remains unclear…

Just the week before last, some customers of the movie ticket subscription service Sinemia took to Twitter and posted on Reddit, their accounts were suddenly closed due to suspected “fraudulent activity.” The problem, no such activity occurred, the users stated.

Sinemia Account Terminations Hit Unsuspecting Users for Fraudulent Activity

Some customers say they received an email informing them their accounts were terminated “by the system automatically.” The company since told Engadget, it “has uncovered more than a thousand variations of fraud and has improved its fraud detection systems accordingly.”

Additionally, the company states it “detected fraudulent activities by a number of users whose memberships have been subsequently terminated due to violation of the Terms of Service.”

The rival to MoviePass is no stranger to this type of activity. In the past, it’s closed subscribers’ accounts for “misuse fees.” Another example of customer trouble includes requirements to provide additional government identification to unlock accounts.

Sinemia just recently introduced a new offer for discounted tickets without the need for a monthly subscription.

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