October 3, 2022
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Siri Mobile Search Nearest Google Competitor, Report Claims

Siri mobile search is the second most used smartphone search engine, but it trails Google by a very large percentage, capturing a market share of 6 percent…

A recent survey from Fivesight Research titled, “US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone & Desktop: Q1 2017,” reveals Siri is the second-most choice search engines, after Google, for smartphones and tablets. The study, split nearly evenly among 800 U.S. adult iOS and Android users, finds Google remains the dominant search engine. 

Siri Mobile Search, Distant Second to Google, Remains Closest Competitor

Of the 800 U.S. adult iOS and Android users, 84 percent reported Google as their search engine of choice. Among Android users, that figure rises to 90 percent. However, among iPhone users, Google dropped to a 78 percent share. Bing and Yahoo claimed 2 percent each, with pre-installed browsers accounting for another 2 percent, and other search engines taking 4 percent.

Fivesight Research US Consumer Search Preferences Smartphone and Desktop Q1 2017
Credit: Fivesight Research

These figures do not reflect query volume, but do represent the primary search engines of consumer choice. Among iPhone owners, 13 percent identified Siri as their primary search tool. Voice search remains on an upward trajectory trend, possibly disruptive to traditional type and tap box queries.

Siri is more used among iOS owners than Google Now is by Android users. It’s important to note, Google Assistant was not part of the study choices. But, a huge number of participants, 72 percent, reported using virtual assistants to “supplement” traditional mobile search. Among virtual assistants, just 16 percent of iPhone owners do not use the technology, while under 40 percent of Androids also do not use these assistants.

Of all Android users polled, 24 percent use non-Google virtual assistants, with 10 percent using Cortana, and the remaining 14 percent among others. Among iPhone owners not using Siri,  10 percent report using Google Now and 4 percent cited Cornata as their choice.

The studly likewise found Chrome the dominant mobile browser, with 48 percent and Safari claimed 37 percent. About 14 percent of iOS users reported Chrome as their primary mobile browser.

Data released in March found Google Chrome dominating browser market share with 58.53 percent, partly due to Microsoft product abandonment.

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