July 23, 2021
Skype messaging upgrades

Text Chats on Skype is About to Get Much Easier

Skype has made some key improvements to its messaging environment, putting in more on-par with popular platforms, such as WhatsApp…

Skype is best-known for video calls. But, it also contains other capabilities, like messaging. Previously, it lacked some fundamental components. But now, it’s 

Skype Messaging Upgrades Improve User Experience

Skype now contains important functions, such as saving draft messages, displaying multiple pictures and videos, as well as previewing media files. The upgrades are available on both the mobile app and desktop client.

Plus, there’s now a split window option for the web version. It allows users to to view their contact lists and conversations in separate windows. With such organization, it ought to cut down on confusion when messaging more than one person at once.

The team over at Skype wrote the following on the official blog:

“We recently introduced several features that help you boost your productivity when sending messages in Skype* and enrich your overall chat experience. New features include draft messages, the ability to bookmark messages and preview media and files before sending, as well as a new approach to display multiple photos or videos. We also launched split window, so you never mix up conversations again!”

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