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Microsoft Beta Tests Screen Sharing over Skype during Video Calls

Skype video call screen sharing

Credit: Microsoft / 9to5Google

Skype video call screen sharing might become a new feature, as Microsoft begins testing the option in a beta program…

The video calling market now has all kinds of options. So, it should come as no surprise Skype isn’t the most popular any more. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not continuing to improve.

Skype Video Call Screen Sharing Android, iOS App Support Announced

Microsoft, which owns Skype, is now running a beta test which supports screen sharing during video calls.

Version of Skype beta allows parties on calls to share screens with one another. It works pretty much like one would think.

And, it has a number of uses outside work. Microsoft explains

“Your device is no longer a limitation on getting more done with Skype. With the latest Insider build, you can now share your screen on your Android or iOS device during a call. Simply tap on … and select Share Screen to get started.

Want to show your coworkers a PowerPoint presentation? Or share your swipes on dating apps? Or maybe do some online shopping with your bestie? Starting today, Skype has you covered.”

This could prove useful in a number of situations, particularly in help sessions between elderly relatives and young family members.

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