November 3, 2022
Slack Google Calendar sync

Slack Now Syncs-Up with Google Calendar

Slack can now sync users’ statuses with Google Calendar, helping to make people aware of each others’ current availability…

One of the most popular team collaboration software tools and online services is Slack. It first started out as an internal system, but launched to the public in August 2013. Now, it includes a new feature — syncing with Google Calendar.

Slack-Google Calendar Sync goes Live

Slack users can now enjoy the convenience of having saved events on their Google Calendar alert others of their availability:

“The Google Calendar App has a helpful new capability. You can now automatically sync your Slack status with your calendar, allowing teammates to see your availability.” 

Additionally, the Google Calendar Slack application also integrates with events, sends notifications about upcoming events, and migrates calls from Hangouts or Zoom to Slack.

This joins a number of updates Slack released this week. These include improved search capabilities, lengthened channel names, call improvements, and more.

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