November 5, 2022
Slack security

Slack Steps Up its Security to Thwart People from Stealing Data

Slack security has been beefed-up in order to stop people from stealing data, giving admins more control over digital workspaces…

Slack plays an important role in many enterprise environments. But, the popular corporate messaging service has had its share of security issues in the past. Now, the team communications tool is adding features designed to help admins protect data.

Slack Security Enhanced to Prevent Data Theft

The new Slack security measures include new ways to assist administrators in preventing outside access, as well as reducing company data leaks.

Going forward, only authorized users and devices can gain access to a business’ Slack workspace. New controls include secondary authentication methods for mobile devices, the ability to block file downloads, along with copying messages. (The latter should prevent employees from copying messages and files onto unauthorized devices.)

Additionally, Slack now includes a new whitelisting tool, which stops users from signing into unapproved Slack spaces. It will also prevent people from signing into other business’ Slack workspaces during business hours and/or while at work.

Furthermore, Slack has added jailbreak protection, which prevents running the program on an insecure OS or through an outdated version of the platform.

Lastly, Slack will introduce an option to block file downloads from desktop computers outside of approved IP addresses next year.

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