August 2, 2021
Sling TV Android support

Sling TV Subscribers no Longer need a Proprietary App to Stream Video on Android

Sling TV subscribers can now enjoy watching video on their Android mobile devices without having to download a proprietary app…

Cord-cutters who use Sling TV now have even more ways to watch. The streaming service has updated its in-browser support to include Chrome for Android. This means subscribers no longer need the Sling Android app to view content.

Sling TV Android Support goes Live

Sling TV customers can now stream video right on their Android devices without a Sling-specific app. The service has already worked on Chrome for desktop since 2017. However, this is its first foray into the mobile Chrome version.

Sling TV recently added support for other platforms. These include Apple Safari, as well as Android TGV, along with Fire TV, and Oculus Go.

To stream Sling TV on Android, simply update Chrome (it works with version 56 or newer). Then, go to and stream live content or on-demand titles.

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