November 3, 2022
Smart Home Devices Automatically Switching Default Source to YouTube Music

Google Play Music’s Demise is Imminent, a Sudden New Change Clearly Signals

YouTube Music is now the default source on some smart home devices, automatically switching away from Google Play Music presets…

Google finally revealed it would shut down Google Play Music this month, starting in New Zealand and Australia, with YouTube Music set as its replacement. In October, Google Play Music will be discontinued everywhere else. Until that time, there’s a short reprieve for transferring libraries over to YouTube Music. (Former GPM users will have until December to port over their music and data.) But now, we have the first evidence of the ultimate demise of GPM.

Smart Home Devices Automatically Switching Default Source to YouTube Music

Several people on Reddit are reporting their smart home devices are alerting them to a change. “By the way, YouTube Music is now your default music provider,” is the reply people hear after they ask the devices to play music. Though, some have been successful resetting Google Play Music back to their default. However, this is obviously is a temporary workaround.

For its part, Google is racing to bring YouTube Music up to parity with its predecessor. Just last month, YTM gained song lyrics and prior to that, the platform added an information section. Regardless, there won’t be a choice soon.

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