November 5, 2022
smartphone sales continue decline

Sales of Smartphones Continue Decline in Q2 2019

The second quarter of this year saw another decrease in the sales of smartphones, continuing a consumer trend, as people upgrade less often…

After several years of growth, sales of smartphones continue to decline, which occurred again in the second quarter. Sales dropped from 374 million to 368 million in a year-over-year comparison.

Smartphone Q2 2019 Sales Confirm Continued Decline

The decline of smartphone sales are sharpest in the high-end market, due to longer refresh cycles, fewer new intriguing features, and higher prices driving the trend.

In the top five markets, only two, China and Brazil experienced growth. (Both grew by just 0.5 percent.) Meanwhile, the second largest market, India, saw a 2.3 percent drop, year-over-year.

For some time now, sales of smartphones have fallen. It’s part of an ongoing trend as consumers hold onto mobile devices for longer periods.

Recently, a study by Strategy Analytics confirms it’s at least three years, or more. It used to be at an nearly annual rate but those days are largely over.

Baby Boomers are the ones delaying the upgrades the longest — waiting three or more years. The average iPhone’s activation now spans 18 months, with the average Samsung phone staying active for 16.5 months.

Industry experts expect the decline to continue through the end of the year.

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