December 4, 2021
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Smartphones, Tablets, Outpace Desktop for Website Traffic

Not surprisingly, website traffic mostly relies on smartphones and tablets, even as the latter mobile devices decline in popularity, for searches…

Just over two years ago, Google announced mobile search surpassed desktop. Since that time, the search giant has largely been silent about the metrics. But, at a recent press event, a Googler did casually mention the “vast majority” of queries come via mobile device.

Smartphones and Tablets Now Account for a Majority of Website Traffic over Desktop Queries

Although the search engine has not provided an official update third-parties are attempting to quantify the percentages of website traffic sources. Yesterday, BrightEdge released a report which purports 57 percent of website traffic for its clients come through smartphones and tablets. That figure, of course, means about 43 percent of website traffic derives from desktop machines. 

BrightEdge also pointed out in its report the same query on the same search engine generated different organic rankings between desktop and mobile 79 percent of the time.

It’s no secret mobile search surpasses desktop. In fact, smartphone apps now account for 50 percent of all digital time spent by consumers. That constitutes half of all internet use.

It’s important to note, certain categories routinely receive more mobile traffic. For instance, restaurants receive more mobile website traffic over desktop. Consumers simply opt to use mobile devices because of their convenience.

This, even though tablet sales continue a steadily decline. In Q4 of last year, tablet shipments dropped by 20 percent year-over-year, according to IDC. And, Strategic Analytics reports a 9 percent decline for the same period.

It’s likely this mobile heavy search trend will continue into the future. Desktop sales are also slow, experiencing a 3.7 percent drop off in Q3 of 2016.

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