October 1, 2022
Generation Z screen time

Smartphones Account for 78% of Generation Z Screen Time, Google Report Reveals

Generation Z screen time centers around smartphones mostly, with laptops, television, gaming consoles, and tablets trailing by 9 percent or more, Google finds…

Search giant Google released a report which demonstrates that smartphones dominate screen time among Generation Z or 13 to 17 year olds. In a newly released Think with Google report, which explored behaviors between generations, the company found how Generation Z use different devices.

Google Report Shows Smartphones Account for 78 Percent of Generation Z Screen Time

Teens ages 13 through 17 start using smartphones in elementary and middle school, earlier than Millennials who started using these devices in high school and college. This difference is shaping behaviors in how they interact with technology. The report states, in part, “While millennials were mobile pioneers, teens are mobile natives. Yet teens are equal parts aware of and wary of their dependence on technology—meaning their online lives are both spontaneous and carefully curated.”

According to the report, Generation Z’s screen time is mostly spent on smartphones, leading with 78 percent. That’s followed by 69 percent on laptops, 68 percent on television, 62 percent on gaming consoles, and 52 percent on tablets.

Millennials ages 25 to 35 years, however, spend more screen time on smartphones, with 87 percent. This is followed by 80 percent on laptops, 72 percent on television, 56 percent on gaming consoles, and 56 percent on tablets.

Generation Z also get smartphones at any earlier age, at 12 years old. That’s compared to age 16 for those between ages 18 and 24 and age 20 for Millennials, ages 25 to 34.

Generation Z is currently shifting away from texting to messaging apps. Of those surveyed, 71 percent of teens watch videos online, 52 percent use messaging apps, and 51 percent use social media, for 3 hours per day, combined.

A full 53 percent of teens are mobile shoppers, while just 30 percent of 18 to 24 year olds and 43 percent of Millennials do the same.

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