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Be Prepared to See a Lot More Ads on Snapchat

Snapchat 3D world lenses

Credit: Snap Inc.

Snapchat 3D World Lenses  just went live for advertisers, opening the popular teen app to more ad revenue for brands seeking more reach…

Snapchatters have probably seen the Dancing Hot Dog spinning over the globe. The pooch racked up over 2 billion views. Now, Snap Inc. is providing access to that technology to advertisers. Starting today, Snapchat 3D World Lenses are available to brands.

“We’re excited to introduce 3D World Lenses , a new kind of World Lens that allows you to bring your characters and products to life inside the Snapchat camera. When 1 in 3 of our daily active Snapchatters check out Lenses every day, it’s a huge opportunity to drive engagement and awareness. 3D World Lenses are augmented reality for everyone,” Snap explains.

Snapchat 3D World Lens Launches for Advertisers

Snap continues to bet big on augmented reality. And, it’s using it to gain more ad revenue as the company faces ongoing pressure from investors and the markets. 

Snapchat launches its newest campaign with partners Warner Bros on Blade Runner and Bud Light with a 3D vendor. 

Credit: Snap Inc, Bud Light

The company has proven its young users really enjoy augmented reality. For instance, the puppy dog lens boast over 7,000 years of “total play time.” That figure comes  from Snap Chief Strategy Officer Imran Khan onstage at Advertising Week New York.

What’s more, Snap claims its 173 million DAUs or daily active users take over 3 billion snap daily, on average. Lenses drive a 19.7 lift in ad awareness. And, a 6.4 point rise in brand awareness. Plus, a 3.4 point increase in action intent, the company states.

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