November 5, 2022
Snapchat age-verification

Snapchat Admits to UK Parliament its Age-Verification System Doesn’t Work

The Snapchat age-verification does not work as it should, the company reluctantly admits to Parliament in the United Kingdom…

It’s certainly no secret kids under the age of 13 are opening social media accounts. Although, the various social sites downplay or ignore the problem. Now, there’s official confirmation it does happen. 

Snapchat Admits to the UK Government its Age-Verification does Not Work

Confronted by Parliament in the United Kingdom, Snapchat did admit its age-verification does not prevent kids under 13 from creating profiles. (This isn’t a surprise, given it’s comprised merely of asking for a date of birth.)

Stephen Collins, Snapchat’s senior director of international public policy said recently:

“Anybody who works in the internet industry will tell you that it’s not possible to have a foolproof way to keep under 13s off any platform.”

Members of Parliament pressed executives of the company. Snapchat did say if it does discover users under the age of 13, it will terminate those accounts. Also, Snapchat on the web uses cookies, which could flag children trying to sign up who are under 13. But, the latter protection doesn’t work with the mobile app.

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