December 2, 2021
Snapchat ads

Snapchat Ads Ignored by Majority of Users

A new report reveals a large majority of users ignore Snapchat ads “always” or “often,” a particularly alarming percentage for the popular social media platform…

Snapchat just celebrated a $3 billion IPO but the content and camera app faces large challenges. The platform’s audience growth fell from 17 percent between Q1 and Q2 in 2016, as well as decreased by 3 percent between Q3 and Q4.

Snapchat Ads not Effectively Attracting User Attention

Although the initial public offering valued the company at $3 billion, the figure is nonetheless underwhelming. A new report shows Snapchat must fight against a real threat. A full 69 percent of its users skip ads “always” or “often,” according to data compiled by Fluent.

For its 18- to 24-year-old users, that number increases to a disturbing 80 percent. Fluent surveyed over 3,200 American Snapchat users, enough to extrapolate concerning figures. Additionally, the data reveals 61 percent of its users do not follow any news organizations, easily found on the Discover channels.

Moreover, Snapchat must compete with new rival services like Instagram Stories live video, as well as discovery tool Pinterest Lens

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