January 12, 2022
Snapchat-Amazon partnership

Now, Snapchat Users can Buy Things They See IRL from Amazon

A rare Snapchat-Amazon partnership will allow users to buy products they encounter anywhere from the world’s largest ecommerce platform…

See it. Capture it. And then, buy it. At least, that’s the idea behind a new Snapchat-Amazon partnership. The process is simple enough. When a Snapchat user sees something they like IRL, it’s only a picture away from finding it on Amazon.

Snapchat Amazon Partner in Visual Search Ecommerce Deal

Here’s how the new visual search tool works. Open the Snapchat camera. Point it at an object. Take a picture or scan a barcode. Viola! An Amazon card will surface, along with a link to said product (or similar ones). Then, add it to a shopping cart and buy it.

Obviously, Snapchat is following Pinterest with this new feature in visual search. It’s super-handy when people encounter something they’d like to buy but don’t know where. Or, if the exact model or name is unknown.

Here’s the full blog post announcement, from Snap, Inc., quoted directly:

“Beginning this week, we’re testing a new way to search for products on Amazon right from the Snapchat camera. We’ll be rolling it out slowly, but we wanted to announce it to everyone at the same time.

It’s super easy to use. Simply point your Snapchat camera at a physical product or barcode, and press and hold on the camera screen to get started.

When the item or barcode is recognized, an Amazon card will appear on-screen, surfacing a link for that product or similar ones available on Amazon. Tap your selection to visit the Amazon App (if you have it installed on your phone) or Amazon.com, where you can complete your purchase or keep browsing.

Snapchat has always been the fastest way to communicate, and now it’s the fastest way to shop!

Happy Snapping!”

Barbara Davis

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