October 23, 2021
Snapchat Android app overhaul

The New Snapchat Experience for Android is Here but There are Still some Missing Features

The big Snapchat Android app overhaul is finally here for users’ devices but it turns out, not all the bells-and-whistles come with it…

Some users started seeing the new Snapchat redesign for Android through beta version 10.40. Users can toggle on “Snapchat Alpha” to enable the new experience. (The new interface announced nearly a year ago in November 2017.) Now, the revamped app is rolling out to more users. But, it’s not exactly what users might expect.

Snapchat Android App Overhaul Rolls Out

The new Snapchat Android app sheds its poor performance. However, with Snapchat Alpha, more people can enjoy a better experience. Here’s a screenshot of how to turn it on in the settings menu:

Snapchat Android app overhaul settings
Credit: Android Police

Individuals running either the beta or public 10.41.6 version report access to Snapchat Alpha is tucked away under the “Advanced” heading. As pictured above, it invites users to install the newest interface. But, it comes with a warning that some features might not be present. Said missing options include trophies, snapcodes, custom stickers, calling, video calling, and live story publishing.

Although users running the new Snapchat Alpha do report performance is much better. Those interested in trying out the latest version can download it and toggle on the advanced settings. 

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