November 29, 2020
Snapchat app ticket-buying

Users can Now Buy Game and Concert Tickets Right through the Snapchat App

Snapchat app ticket-buying is now here and ready to use, thanks to an e-commerce integration with SeatGeek, a ticket-listing aggregator…

Need tickets to the next game or biggest concert coming to town? Well, it’s now possible to snag seats right through Snapchat. The new e-commerce entertainment offering comes courtesy of SeatGeek, a ticket-finding search engine.

Snapchat App Ticket-Buying Now available Courtesy of SeatGeek Integration

Snapchat began testing different e-commerce features a few months ago. Now, it’s including concert and game admission passes. The Los Angeles Football Club took the maiden voyage, being the first to offer tickets through a Snapchat Story. (It contained a Snapcode to the team’s official website.) The interface allowed users to buy tickets to the game on May 26th. What’s really neat about this experience is that users never have to leave the app to complete the purchase.

“We’re always looking to reach our fans in innovative ways, and selling tickets directly to our followers on Snapchat gives us an incredible opportunity to connect with our most dedicated supporters,” said Los Angeles Football Club President and co-owner Tom Penn in an announcement.

Snapchat SeatGeek ticket-buying
Credit: SeatGeek / Snapchat

This is just the beginning. The co-founder of SeatGeet, Russ D’Souza, says as tweaks are made, users will start seeing more ticket offerings. (The SeatGeek technology is also integrated with rival Facebook.)

D’Souza explains the legacy ticketing approach is seriously outdated because it’s too narrow. Teams would rather have the ability to sell to a wider audience. D’Souza also alluded to more partnerships. “What we’re excited about over the next few months is beating the drumbeat of openness with new partnerships … We want to drive the whole industry forward and create more tangible results that cause the industry to open up.”