January 12, 2022
Snapchat bitmoji character video game support

Snapchat is Working on a Way to Let Users Play as their Custom Bitmoji Characters in Video Games

Snapchat is working to roll out a new feature which would allow its users to play their own Bitmoji characters in video games…

It might soon be possible for Snapchat users to play video games as their own Bitmoji characters. Snapchat has announced it’s developing a way to bring Bitmoji to SDK video games.

Snapchat Bitmoji Character Video Game Support under Development

If fully built, the option would allow people to play as their own personalized Bitmoji avatar on PCs, consoles, as well as mobile games. Bitmoji co-founder Ba Blackstock tells TechCrunch the following:

“It’s kind of a no-brainer to bring Bitmoji into games. Games can be so much more engaging with you…in the game. We’re adding an identity layer to gaming that has the potential to have a transformational effect on the industry.”

This is a great strategy for Snapchat to spread its presence over the web in a substantial way. And, the move could certainly prove more useful than relying on third-party developers.

Currently, Snapchat Stories alone claims 330 million downloads, according to Sensor Tower. It’s also a way for Snapchat to make a name for itself in another personalized, interactive fashion.

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