September 20, 2022
Snapchat Cameo GIF customizer

Snapchat is Letting some Users Put their Faces over Popular GIFs through a ‘Cameo’ Test

Snapchat is now experimenting with a new but limited feature that allows users to paste their faces over pre-produced GIF animations…

People love using GIFs for reactions. But, the popular animations aren’t very personal. So, Snapchat is attempting to give people another way to express themselves. The social media company is currently running a test that allows users to superimpose their faces over GIFs through a new tool called “Cameo.”

Snapchat Cameo GIF Customizer Test Confirmed

Snapchat confirmed its experiment to TechCrunch, saying it’s playing with a new option that inserts users’ faces into a selection of pre-made GIF animations.

Snapchat’s Cameo is kind of like a deepfake, but without the malice or creepiness. Eligible users simply snap a selfie, choose from a generic body type, and the program magically animates the pic, including mouth movements.

The test is only available in a few international markets, one being France. The company hasn’t said exactly when it will roll out widely, but Snapchat assures it will become globally available “soon.”

Here’s a couple of tweets, showing the tool in-action:

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