September 24, 2022
Snapchat Custom Stories

Snapchat Custom Stories Roll Out in Facebook Battle

Today, Snapchat Custom Stories come to the popular social mobile app, in an effort to compete with rivals Facebook and Instagram for market share…

Mobile app users now have another creative tool at their disposal — Snapchat Custom Stories. Beginning today, the collaborative feature comes to the platform, which allows Snapchat users to create custom stories that disappear after 24 hours (if no one adds to them).

Snapchat Custom Stories Unveiled to Compete against Facebook, Instagram

One aspect of this new option is users are able to customize stories around a specific event or a location, such as a trip or a party. Users can decide who can also add to the Story and which users can see it. “You decide who can add to the Story and who can view it – you can also choose to Geofence the Story to a location,” the Snap Team wrote in a blog post.

The move comes on the heels of Instagram releasing its own version of face filters. Last August, the Facebook-owned platform rolled out Instagram Stories, which now boasts over 200 million daily active users or DAUs. This figure is higher than Snapchat, which claims 166 million daily active users. In March, Facebook also introduced a very similar Stories feature, as well as Messenger Day and yet another like feature on WhatsApp.

To create Snapchat Custom Stories, simply tap on the “Create Story” icon, located in the top right corner on the Stories page. Add a name to the story, then invite a specific list of friends or invite users based on their location. Snapchat states the update is still in the process of rolling out and should become widely available by Wednesday.

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