September 16, 2022
Snapchat daily active users

Snapchat Daily Active Users Reaches 166 Million as Growth Slows

Snapchat daily active users hit 166 million, adding 8 million over the past three months, recording a significant slowdown in the mobile app’s growth rate…

Snapchat parent company, Snap, Inc., just released its first quarterly earnings report after going public. The results met low expectations by market experts, only adding 8 million new daily active users or DAUs, during the quarter. While this places the number of Snapchat daily active users at a total of 166 million, its rivals are substantially outperforming the mobile app.

Snapchat Daily Active Users Reaches 166 Million as Growth Fizzles

By comparison, Twitter — which also struggles financially — added 9 million new users in the last three months. Over the past four months, Instagram — now Snapchat’s biggest competitor — added 100 million new users. Instagram Stories added 50 million daily active users during the same quarter.

As expected by analysts, Snapchat experienced little growth outside the United States, where Facebook continues to rise, curbing the app’s growth rate. Inside its core North America market, Snapchat added just 3 million new users, along with another 3 million in Europe. Outside North America and Europe, the mobile app’s growth is very weak.

However, Snapchat’s advertising push is in its infancy. But, its operating expenses are on a steep rise as it spends more on research and development costs. Snapchat just introduced new creative tools and refreshed its composer layout. The company rolled out World Lenses back in April and introduced a new content search option to select cities.

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