September 30, 2022
Snapchat DIY face lenses

Hey Snapchat Users, Grab a Custom Face Lens, Starting Today

Snapchat DIY face lenses are here, so users can choose from 150 per-made templates, to upload custom images, complete with text…

Snapchat just gave its users a fun, new option. Starting today, users can now go into the Studio to create their own DIY event-specific face Lenses. The custom tool contains 150 pre-made Lens templates.

Snapchat DIY Face Lenses Introduced

Users can upload a face image, as well as add text to create a custom Lens. However, the DIY Lenses aren’t permanent. Users must select a time and location for their lenses to be active. So, it’s best used in conjunction with events. After that time, the custom lenses simply disappear.

Credit: Snapchat


Not only are the Snapchat custom face lenses ephemeral, they aren’t free-of-charge. The creations come with a price tag. A price based on location size and duration, with a starting price of $9.99. 

Snapchat’s face lenses are arguably the biggest draw the platform offers. Dog tongues, cat ears, and more are fan-favorites. What’s more, this option seems more enticing than Geofilters (the app’s only previous option). This comes after the company opened Lens Studio to its full user base.

Users can now access the custom face lenses on desktop and iOS in the U.S. Android will soon follow. It’s located in the “Filters and Lenses” option on the iOS app.