June 16, 2021
Snapchat downloads

Snapchat Downloads Actually Increased after Redesign Debacle

Surprise! Snapchat downloads are up, despite the big backlash against its UI overhaul, which users strongly protested after its release…

Snapchat downloads have gone up, contrary to the natural inclination of anyone who’s been following the news about the redesign reception. Snapchat launched a redesign of its popular app back in January. Users responded with outrage, publicly posting their displeasure across Twitter and other social media platforms.¬†

Snapchat Downloads Increase Post-Redesign

Upon its release, the redesign numbers were grim. In countries where the new experience was widely available — United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia — 83 percent of reviews were negative.¬†Conversely, just 17 percent rated it with three to five stars.

The reason for the ephemeral messaging app’s redesign was due to its waning popularity. In fact, leaked internal documents showed a company in total disarray. But now, the latest figures show there’s hope. Snapchat downloads in the United States are up from 41 percent to 76 percent after the redesign rollout, according to data compiled by Sensor Tower.

In fact, the number of first-time downloads amounted to 322,000 new installs. Furthermore, downloads were down by 35 percent the week before the redesign release, compared to the same time last year. Following the introduction, installs only decreased by 7.8 percent.

Snapchat seeming benefited from the bad press. And, it did itself a big favor by introducing custom face lenses at the beginning of the month. Also, it made a smart move by adding GIF stickers, along with new tabs on the Discover and Friends screens.

Moreover, Snapchat changed its algorithm. Now, it sorts the feed to surface close connections first, including an option to separate their posts from messages.